Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether it’s your first time dining (Welcome) or your 50th time (Welcome back), we know there might be some things you would like to know. Please refer to our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for please email us at or call 09-488-0179.


Q) Can you accommodate wheelchairs or mobility scooters?

A) Yes.  Please advise this when you book so we can allocate a table with adequate space.


Q) Do you have wheelchair accessible bathrooms?

A) Yes.

Q) Do you allow guide dogs?

A) Yes as long as they are officially trained. We ask you advise this when you book so we can allocate a table with adequate space.



Q) Are you a BYO restaurant?

A) No. We are fully licensed and offer a full selection of beverages.


Birthday Cakes

Q) Can you provide a birthday cake?

A) Yes. This needs to be pre-arranged with us three days in advance. 

Q) Do you allow customers to bring their own birthday cakes?

A) Yes. This needs to be pre-arranged with us before arrival and a $20 'BYO Food - Service Charge' will apply. 

Q) Do you do anything special for guests celebrating a birthday?
A) Yes. If you order a dessert, we’ll personalise the plate with "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate and place a candle on top. 

Q) Do you allow customers to bring their own desserts such as Tiramisu or Cheesecake?

A) No. 

Children / Infants

Q) Do you have a children's menu?

A) Yes. Please click here for our children's menu. 


Q) Do you have highchairs?

A) Yes. We ask you to request this when you book so we can allocate a table with adequate space

Q) Do you accommodate strollers?

A) Yes. We ask you advise this when you book so we can allocate a table with adequate space.

Q) Do you allow us to bring food for infants?

A) Yes.


Dietary requirements

Q) Do you have menu items for guests with food sensitivities/allergies?

A) Yes. We offer a variety of substitutions and always do our best to accommodate special requests to prepare your meal just how you like it. Click here for more info. 


Q) Do you offer Low gluten / Gluten-free options?

A) Yes. We have a wide selection of Low gluten options. As we use flour in the preparation of our pizza bases there are traces of flour/gluten in the air. For this reason, we refer to our Gluten Free meals as "Low gluten". You will see the following codes on our menu GF (Low gluten) and GFA (Low gluten available on request)


Q) Do you offer Vegetarian or Vegan options?

A) Yes. Many of our dishes are vegetarian or vegan or can be altered to be Vegetarian/Vegan please look for the following codes on our menus. V = No Meat or Seafood or VA = Available with no Meat or Seafood or VG = Vegan


Q) Do you offer low-calorie items?
A) Yes. Please ask your waiter for advice on which menu items are suited to your specific needs. We can prepare many of our menu items in a health-conscious way. Simple changes such as asking for sauces/dressings on the side, less cheese or switching a cream-based sauce to a tomato-based sauce can make a significant difference. We are more than happy to try and accommodate dietary requirements. 


General questions

Q) Do you have a dress code?

A) We are a casual dining restaurant. Dress comfortably and feel free to come as you are.


Q) Do you offer Wifi?

A) No.


Group Bookings

Q) Do you accept group bookings?

A) Yes. Please click here for more info on the group booking process.


Q) What number of guests is considered a group booking?

A) Ten or more guests.


Payment Types

Q) What payment types do you accept?

A) American Express (Amex), Cash, Diners, Eftpos, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB),
Mastercard, Restaurant Association of NZ gift vouchers/cards and Visa.

Q) Do you accept cheques?

A) No

Q) Do you allow cash out with Eftpos payments?

A) No

Q) Do you accept Alipay?

A) Not at this stage however we are looking into this option. 


Q) How do I make a booking?

A) You can call us on 09-488-0179 or email us at 


Q) Do you offer walk-in bookings?

A) Yes, however we highly recommend you make a booking as we are often fully booked. 

Q) When is a good time to visit if I don’t have a lot of time?
A) We open at 5 pm Tue-Sun and suggest you arrive early. Our peak dining times are 6.45 pm - 8.45 pm. If you arrive before 6 pm, you can usually dine without delay.

Q) Do you have a dining time limitation?

A) Only during our peak dining times to ensure we can accommodate as many customer requests as possible and avoid disappointment. If a dining time limitation applies to your booking we will usually advise this during the booking process.

Q) What happens if I am running late?

A) We will generally allow a 15 minute window but we do ask you call as a courteously. We will consider you a no-show if you haven't arrived within 15 mins of your booked time and may release your table to the waitlist or to walk-in customers.